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What we do

ETASHA works to skill people in resource communities for sustained employment, livelihood and income generation.

We work with youth, adolescents and women as well as their influencers to empower them with the skills, confidence and mindset required for modern-day work environments. We work to bring about a positive mindset change in the individual and in the community for sustained employment and income generation.

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Dreams, aspirations, career, responsibilities, need to earn, fear of unemployment, inability to access good jobs, lack of skills, lack of reasonably-priced good quality training opportunities, confusion ……. This is the scenario a typical young person faces after finishing High School.

For girls this scenario gets further complicated by lack of support from parents for working outside the home, pressure to get married, lack of confidence in their own ability to realise their dreams…...

ETASHA’s interventions for young girls and boys are designed to address these concerns of youth from low-income communities, and to help launch them on the path of employment, income generation, career growth and progress.

 picture of a boy from our Employability skill training for iti program

Adult Women

co-creating economic progress

Many years of managing a home, husband and in-laws, and several children’s food and basic needs after an early marriage in adolescence (if not in childhood) and after little or no schooling, resulting in total dependence on the husband for money - this represents the typical situation of a middle-aged woman in low-income communities.

Growing needs and demands of children, or a crisis like COVID, or a husband’s severe illness, accident or death push many of these women to think of ways to meet their own and the children’s growing needs.

ETASHA’s interventions for Women are focused on awareness creation of the possibility for women to be successful entrepreneurs, identifying women with strong desire and motivation to become entrepreneurs and enabling the women to develop required skills, while handholding them in setting up and running their enterprises.

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Not a child anymore, but not an adult yet - almost suddenly everything seems to change – height, weight, body shape, emotions and feelings, what is right and what is wrong, what to tell the parents/teachers and what to hide.Treated like children, but expected to worry about exams, board results, streams/ subjects to choose in 11th class, the need to start work and earn to support the family.

ETASHA reaches large numbers of adolescents through government and NGO-run schools.

The interventions are designed to support the schools serving adolescents from low-income communities to address their students’ emotional, psychological and scholastic concerns, and help enhance their skills and confidence in negotiating the world.

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Our experience of working with youth for over 15 years has led to the firm belief that effective and sustainable change in mindsets of youth towards sustainable income generation and growth through employment, self-employment or entrepreneurship, can be achieved only through supportive change in the thinking of other significant members of their ecosystem. Over the years, we have developed and implemented several interventions aimed at bringing about mind-set change in various segments in the community. The end-goal is to develop an ecosystem where skills are valued and respected, and people are enabled to work with dignity and self-respect.