NEWS - Career Guidance for young women to achieve successful futures

Career Guidance for young women to achieve successful futures

15 - May - 2019 Career Guidance for young women to achieve successful futures

CBSE has mandated Career Guidance for all students in High School, but few government schools offer quality career counselling to students. Recognising the role of career counselling in enabling young people to recognise their strengths, develop an understanding of the market and prepare for successful careers, ETASHA has initiated a series of workshops for students at Government run high schools in Palwal. The first workshop will be conducted on the 28th of May, at GGSSS, Palwal Camp with 150 girls from the Arts Stream. The principal of the school has taken an initial step to organise the two day workshop for students. The initiative has also been welcomed by the District Education Officer of Palwal. “We had a brief interaction and spoke with some of the girls last week. They are very bright but most are confused about what they want to do and the options they have. We hope to help them draw up feasible action plans for careers that match their interest and aptitude,” said Jaya Mukherjee, one of the counsellors who will be conducting the workshop. Founded in 2006, ETASHA Society envisions a future where every Indian is self-reliant, has self-worth and leads a dignified and productive life. We are an impact-driven not-forprofit organization working to skill underprivileged communities for sustained employment and income generation.
The organisation offers training in Vocational Training and Placement for youth, Career Guidance & Life Skills Development for students in High School, Employability Skills Training for students of ITI, Training of Employability Skills Trainers and Development of Women Entrepreneurs.

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